To be honest with you all, I was so not into flowers for the wedding. I really couldn't have cared less. I handed the job over to my awesome mama and she is putting together beautiful centerpieces, table decorations, etc. that totally get the feel of the wedding. We ended up using silk flowers for the centerpieces for a few reasons: 1. I didn't want to spend money on something that will die. 2. I wanted to give each centerpiece (they're in vases) to all the special women who have helped with the wedding. Using silk flowers means that the centerpieces will be all ready to go long before the wedding (right, mom? ;) and it's something we don't have to stress about in the days before the big day. However, we may want us to use real flowers for the bouquets. Ehhhhh. It's not that I don't love flowers, I do. However, the act of going to pick out bouquets, pay for something that will be short lived, and then have to organize getting them to the venue makes my skin crawl.

This brings me to my main point: have you seen the new trend in bouquets? The "brooch bouquet"? It's a bouquet made from brooches (duh!)! I've seen them made with vintage brooches, or family heirlooms. I love this idea because not only can it be your "something old," but you can pass it down to your daughters for their "something old." Check out the beautiful brooch bouquets from Lionsgate Designs. They are simply gorgeous! I love the different color schemes, sizes, flower choices, and the details...oh, the details! Some bouquets are made from all vintage pins, some from all new, and some mixed. Some have lockets in them, for pictures. And they are so user friendly, as owner Marie Jenkinson says,"Each bouquet is constructed as to not damage the brooch's pin. I use aluminum wire as the stems, so each flower can be moved within the arrangement as desired. That way, even if you drop the bouquet, you can easily move each brooch back into position." Now, that's my kinda brooch bouquet! Which one would you buy? Would you ever nix the idea of a fresh flower bouquet for a brooch bouquet?

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  1. I love these brooch bouquets, what a great idea. And I totally agree about the wedding flowers; I know people spend so much money on them, and how long do they last? You are being very smart with the silk flowers. I bet people won't even notice they're not real!