When I first got my teaching job, just about three years ago, I went on a $5 shoe buying spree from Target. I got about 10 pairs, all different colors and patterns. I wore those shoes day in and day out; needless to say, they are all on their last legs, so I thought it was due time for some new Target shoes. Mossimo now has a line of very basic, simple $12.99 flats at Target. I knew I wanted a basic brown and black, but when I came across these white eyelet flats, I knew I had to have them! Guess where I'll be wearing 'em? That's right: wedding weekend 2011. I got all the flats in the mail, and they all fit perfectly, I love them. I'm even going to go to the Target store and see if they have any other colors. See, Lovelies, you don't have to spend much on wedding shoes (my "walking down the aisle shoes are $29 wedges from Victoria's Secret), as long as they are comfy and cute, then who cares where they come from?! Target all the way, baby.

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  1. I agree totally. I bought a pair of cute flats at Rite Aid (!) a couple of years ago that I wear constantly and get complimented on all the time. One of my best buys ever.

    These white flats are so pretty.