When Jenny and I were little our older cousins gave us a pen and told us it was special. This pen, they claimed, could make whatever you draw come alive! Jenny and I totally believed them and were both freaked out and excited at the same time. Don't you sometimes wish the drawings you did/do could pop off the page and come alive? Well, check out Faucethead Cards, then! Faucethead Cards specialize in greeting cards that feature 3D figures acting out various scenes, in order to get your message across. How adorable is that first card with the retro woman running away? Aptly the card is named "She Didn't Just Go to Paris to Get Away. She Went to Get Away From 'Him'." And oh so sweetly, the second card is a simple "I Love You" card. Faucethead Cards have a ton of adorable scenes on cards, and the best part is that they will even take your message, and send the cards for you! No fuss cards, awesome! Wouldn't it be fun to send a 3D card to someone you love? It's such a different and original way to get your message across. Truly original. I love it.

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  1. awww I absolutely love these! So adorable and so unique. Thanks for bringing us gems like this xoxo