Happy Friday! I was pleasantly surprised this morning when trying to decide on a good day to come and visit my dear friend Tom said today was as good as any day and would be coming down this evening for a showing of Midnight in Paris at the Cinema Arts Centre, and dinner. How fitting, since Mr. Andrey is headed to Paris this very evening. I will try not to get too misty eyed at how beautiful Paris will be in the movie (who makes New York or Paris more romantic, more prolific and more misty eyed-worthy than Woody Allen? I submit, no one.) and how much my heart wants to go back.

Tom is a throw back Nick Carraway type- infact, and I am quoting from a previous post about Tom:
"Tom is the type of guy who takes you to brunch, surreptitiously hides a copy of The Great Gatsby in your bag and then insists on referring to you as Daisy Bucchanan and himself as Nick Carraway for the rest of the day until you agree to read it. "
He loves Long Island for this reason. He sees it in the way you want a visitor to see it- full of romance and history. Tom is headed off to UC Berkley in the Fall to study something Russian and Complicated (capital C). Thankfully he is coming tonight and I cannot forget to give him his Christmas present- it's been a long time coming!
I love these pictures of Tom and I from a party at Ksenia's house back in college.
That night is actually the night I met Andrey,
I imagine it was my awesome robot that attracted him to me.
That or my awesome wine model face, right?

I love these pictures Tom took last time he visited (Summer of 2009!). Check them out below!
So, lovelies? Great Memorial Day plans up your sleeves? I plan on sitting outside and welcoming Baby Brother Lovely back to the States for the Summer. Maybe drinking some cold white wine outback with the puppy, though for her, just water...I mean she is only 2!

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