We made it to Friday! And what a lovely Friday it is here, in Huntington! What are you doing tonight? Olivia and I are going on a long walk and then maybe I'm headed off to Costco. Andrey threatened graciously offered to take me rock climbing. I am looking forward to it, but warned him that I do not like being bad at things and that I will certainly be bad at this. When I don't succeed I get shy. I combat shyness by dressing well. I figure "Hey, I might be terrible at this, but at least I look cute" is a fair trade off. And I'm really excited to try something I haven't tried in over a decade! Plus, good arm work out, right?

Any of you lovelies rock climb? Any advice?

*I know those shoes an impractical, but Andrey told me we rent shoes!
Rent them, what an idea! Must remember socks.

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