Rainy days bring out the inner lounge singer in me. On a day like today (see: rainy, chilly, generally grouchy) you hear nothing but Singers and Standards playing in my car.

Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Micheal Buble, Harry Connick Jr, Louis Armstrong and Tony Bennett dominate on days like today. Some days I listen to Chet Baker's discography over and over, some days- like today, Tony Bennett's Duet: An American Classic CD.

Listening to Tony sing with k.d. lang, The Dixie Chicks, James Taylor, Bono and etc, etc, etc, makes me want to keep driving straight past work, head into Manhattan and back 60 years. It makes me want to take refuge from the weather in a Jazz Lounge, throw on a silkie, sassy, sexy dress and some sky high heels and sing songs between witty banter with the piano player.

I want to sip on a Goldeneye (vodka, amaretto and a twist of lemon) while I perch on the piano and bat my eye lashes at the audience. I'm thinking my set list would look like this:

Then, I'd take my bow. Wave and smile, grab my stole and trot off to The Algonquin, Sardi's or PJ Clarks for a bite to eat, with one of my many gentleman fans, of course.

Let's call it Fantasy Thursday- what's your dream set list, lovelies?

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