Every once in a while I hit on a good idea. Every once in a long while. We don't openly discuss it on here too much, but our underlying motive is to bring elegant and chic looks to you on a realistic budget for a 20 something woman. Olivia and I both try to be very thrifty in our own shopping/filling our own closets and when we fill yours virtually, we try to keep costs down. I don't think $100 for a day dress is a good deal- how many $100 day dresses can you afford? I can afford, like, 1. I gift card shop as much as possible.

Which brings me to my good idea. Every Hanukkah/Christmas Father Lovely gets very paternal and likes to festoon Olivia and I in sweaters, scarves, and cozy pajamas, usually from Brooks Brothers (because one thing Father Lovely loves besides his kids is Brooks Brothers). Which is really great and sweet and Fatherly. However, I don't wear pajamas, I wear yoga pants. And I always end up at Brooks Brothers returning my lovely gifts and then sitting on the gift cards for approximately 300 months.

But then my beloved flats broke and I spent some cash on a few cheap pairs of flats from Target. I was really, really disappointed- the shoes were wide and overly round in the toe. They wore like slippers, not shoes, I felt messy with them on. And on top of all of that they were plastic, which does not breath. They made my feet feel awful. I complained to Olivia who looked at me like I was spoiled. I tried to explain to her the benefits of organic and natural materials. She then looked at me like I was crazy. I was browsing the web, wondering who had flats in the styles I love (I can tell you who didn't: Zappos, Piperlime, Old Navy, Gap, Forever21, Steve Madden, DSW) when it occurred to me that I wanted a classic look, and who does classic better than Brooks Brothers? And hey, check that out- I have 2 gift cards there!

On top of all of that, 2 pairs of shoes I liked were on sale. I told Olivia what I had ordered and she went and ordered some pairs too! We had never thought to buy shoes from Brooks Brothers before. Brooks Brothers doesn't exactly elicit the word shoes immediately.

Brooks ballerina shoes, $88, Foldable Ballerina Flats, $34, normally $68, Brooks flat shoes $89, normally $178.

I included the normal prices of the on sale shoes because even without the sale the suede "Foldable" Ballerina flats are still very reasonable. And, by the way, they are not in any easy way foldable. They do, however, as do the rest of the shoes, come in a very cute bag which matches the color of the shoe- is that not just the sweetest?

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