Hey Long Island Lovelies- looking for something Cinco de Mayo-y to do for May 5? Honestly, Thursdays are the new Fridays, and nothing feels like Spring more than guacamole. I'm an expert at Mexican in Huntington (and I just realized all on New York Avenue/110):

  • Upscale: Besito, I used to work here and hadn't been in two years until last weekend. I am pleased to report that it is still amazing. Though, what happened to the Yucca fries? Make sure to try their signature margarita and their silly good sweet plantains. Also, table side guacamole (as Andrey said: "A SHOW!"). There is also a Besito in Roslyn, which is just as amazing- same ambiance and feeling, in a lovely little side area. When I drove up it would seem loud as it's near the Manhasset overpass (I don't know the real name, I've just always thought of it as the Manhasset overpass), but it's set off and sitting outside is beyond lovely.
  • Vaguely Goofy, Totally Fun, Big Plate: Pancho Villa's. The food is good, the portions are big. Don't have the black bean soup, it is not worth it. They serve you chips and salsa when you sit down. I like eating while I decide on what to get. It is the sort of place you can take a big group and get a little rowdy at. Also, it is directly across the street from Yogurt Crazy. There are also locations in Glen Cove and Huntington Station, I cannot vouch for those. But I did have a great dinner/bonding session with my dear Laura and her great guy Brob at the Huntington Village location.
  • Almost Hole in the Wall But You Can Sit and the Service is Exceptional: Oaxaca. I have been going here since I was 9, Father Lovely used to live across the street. It is one of my favorite restaurants ever. The food is greasy, delicious, unhealthy Mexican. Even the taco salad, which when I order I get scolded about ("You need real food, you are too thin." Just so you all know, that is the way to my wallet- I will tip big for compliments.). Their take out is consistent. It is the type of no non-sense, casual comfortable and small enough to never get loud place to catch up with friends over tostadas and Coronas. Also, the serve sweet plantains in condensed milk as a dessert. The restaurant is owned by the same people who own and operate Quetzalcoatl, which is almost the same menu but a more upscale (somewhere between Pancho Villa's and Besito) interior.
Okay, lovely Long Islanders, any other restaurant suggestions for Cinco de Mayo? I'd love to hear about other towns besides Huntington!

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  1. I just loved the Cinco post...nobody can escape the fun of the day just from reading your article.
    Thankyou for including everyone in the event through your details.
    Country Mom