As I mentioned on Friday, my kind friend Tom came to Huntington to distract me, take me to dinner and see Midnight in Paris. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't terribly bright of me to go see a movie about a city I love and want to return to, which at that moment was hosting a man I am missing- the compounded nostalgia and longing for the city was outweighed by how wonderful I thought the film was though. And that's impressive.

I love Woody Allen's portrayal of cities because he captures them at their most beautiful, but realistically. Woody Allen's New York is gorgeous and makes me want to cry sometimes, not because it's a fairy tale- because it's New York on her best days. I've lived those days, I've walked the streets of the Upper West Side with Gershwin playing. I've had romantic moments in Central Park. I've sat in Washington Square Park for hours discussing love and philosophy and laughing. Woody Allen captures Manhattan in her best moments, and those moments are the ones I play over and over in my little nostalgic, romantic brain.

This is how he shows Paris too- in all of it honest beauty. There's no fancy shots, that's not how Allen does it, it's just true and real and gorgeous. So I missed Paris, and the food, the Louvre and the champagne, and I thought- I need a crepe. And I think I need to go to Paris soon. Oui? Whose in?

Anyway, for dinner at FH Riley's, which was lovely but not amazing and then the movies (where Tom and I walked into a theater, sat down and then realized it was the wrong theater-- well done kids! We ended up waiting for the next showing and relaxed in the garden at the Cinema Arts Centre, which is very pretty), I wore this leopard print sheath dress I picked up at Marshall's last week- I got mine for $15, but that was a fluke. This Calvin Klein one is gorgeous and a little pricey, but a leopard print sheath dress? Sweethearts, that dress is going to get a LOT of wear from me. I swapped out their leopard print belt (why?) for a black leather skinny belt and threw on my go-to summer black cropped cardigan (Alloy). Matched with my new "foldable" (so not) Brooks Brother's grey suede flats and a stack of bangles from Forever21 and flea markets in Paris, I was so ready to go. It was the perfect outfit for a lovely evening with a friend. Also, very comfy for the movies.

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