It was right after Christmas of '09 when a miracle occurred. We got our Pip. Our snugly, adorable, girly-girl Australian Silkie. She bounded into our lives without any forewarning and we all fell madly in love with her. Especially our mother. Pip became the child/baby my mother never had, and she has been known to say (half-jokingly?), "I didn't know what love was like until Pip." Thanks, Ma. Despite her loving the dog way more then her 3 children, we're still going to shower her with gifts this Mother's Day. So, when I saw this set of dog portrait bowls from Coldwater Creek, I knew my mother would fall in love with them. I adore the sketchiness of the drawings, and their simplicity. These would be perfect for snacks, cereal, popcorn...or, as my mother would do, fill them up with organic chicken for the pup. What a sweet gift idea not only for Mother's Day, but for a birthday, or even a young dog lover. (They are dishwasher and microwave safe, too.)

PS. Perhaps your mother is a sentimental mama? Or loves to cook?

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