Last night was a gross night. Not just outside, which it totally was, but it was one of those yucky nights when I just felt gross. You know those days...when you sweat too much, your clothes don't fit right, and your hair always has a bump in it? That day. Eric and I had to run to town late for his haircut (pre-pre wedding cut!), so instead of trying to look put-together, I went for the comfortable, rainy, gross-day look. Harvard sweatshirt from Father Lovely, Burberry jacket handed down from my soon-to-be Aunt Debbie (who has awesome style), stretchy hairband from the drug store, black Old Navy yoga pants, and my trusty brown Uggs. Even though I felt yuckster on the inside, I knew I looked somewhat cute, albeit typical Long Island girl (and proud! Thankyouverymuch, "Countess" Luann! I'm sorry, but side note here: making fun of others: NOT lovely!), but it was a perfect outfit to kick around town in on a rainy, humid, and disgusting night! What's your go-to rainy night look?

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