Hi Lovelies! So, while Jenny and I are busy finalizing plans for this little, tiny event that's happening June 26th...posting will be light--we'll still be here, but just a tad distracted and running around! In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you all have some Lovely reading for these hot summer days, so I am excited to tell you about a few blogs which Jenny and I love, love, love to read.

Loving With Chronic Illness: Maya is an old friend, and one of the best human beings we know! She has an old soul, a huge heart, and all the right words to educate, make you laugh, cry, and be inspired (she has some amazing interviews on her blog, too!).

In Shape Out of Mind: Written by another old friend, Allie, ISOOM is the only blog I have ever read about being athletic which makes me laugh out loud, want to get off my butt and work out, and has pointers, tips, and life notes for making your exercise routines, workouts, eating habits, and overall life a little more fun and more laugh out loud. Allie is a teacher, and always has the exact wording in describing her encounters with people that would make anyone fall in love with her blog.
Jenny N. Designs: Written by the awesome designer of bags, Jenny, we get to follow her on her journey to create bags, food, and a wedding!

MADE by Dana: Dana is my sewing inspiration and whenever I need a sewing pick-me-up, I turn to MADE!

Homeroad: Written by an old teacher and family friend, Susan is the most inspiring and creative woman! She takes trash and literally turns it into treasure!

Ramshackle Glam
: Hello, how could you not love Jordan Reid?

Joy the Baker
: Jenny's pick, "possibly my favorite person on the internet, certainly my favorite baker on the internet."

Our all time favorite wedding blog is A Practical Wedding: seriously couldn't have gotten through these past 10 months without Meg (and crew!), and her insight and wisdom!

What's your fave blogs to read?! Do share!!

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    You girls seriously don't know how much those words meant to me :) I will always cherish this post. Thank you for supporting me from the very beginning and inspiring me to do this in the first place. You are both so amazing and I'm lucky to have you both in my life xoxox