I always feel rather victimized by gift giving for my parents. First off, Mother Lovely's birthday is early January- double whammy with Christmas and then her Birthday. Second off, Father Lovely's birthday is mid-June- double whammy with Father's Day. Add to this that my parents are both exceptionally content people. They don't need anything, and whatever they do need they gift themselves. And they gift themselves things they don't need sometimes too, but really- by age ...whatever age they are, what do they need? Father Lovely always says he wants something hand made, but this poses a whole new issue- were four kids (soon to be five, welcome Eric!) scattered on three islands most of the time (Long Island, Manhattan Island, Great Britain). And organizing a group project is impossible. Impossible. We've managed to write some poems together, via email- but that was insanely difficult to organize as well.

Here are some things from Patina you can gift your dads, which hopefully don't send you into full blown panic attacks like the one I had above*.

* Or the one I had Friday night when I was going to wrap my Dad's birthday gift I bought months ago and could not locate. My Dad said his birthday present was missing my pre-dinner melt down. Can that be my Father's Day gift to Step Father Lovely, too? He missed it also!


  1. Those grilling spatulas are awfully cute! I found some soap gift ideas in my post at http://articulateart.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/fathers-day-gift-ideas/ - like BBQ scented soaps.