Having dinner with the three siblings tonight: this photo is from Tess' (the baby in the family) birthday last summer, and I think you know Jenny, and that's baby bro (who's taller than all of us!), Collin.

Happy Friday, Lovelies! Whatcha all doin' this fine weekend? We've got a nice weekend planned, kicking it off with a dinner at Prime with Father Lovely for his birthday. Tomorrow Jenny is going in for her wedding hair trial (help her pick a hairstyle!), and we're going to celebrate some family birthdays, as well. June is a huge, huge birthday month for us, so our family likes to throw one giant birthday party for everyone, instead of having 500 small parties. Other than that, we're working on wedding thiiiiiings (programs, welcome baskets, practicing our dance!), and enjoying this beautiful Long Island weather. Anyone celebrating birthdays this weekend? Sewing? Shopping? Do share!

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Have a great weekend!

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