So, my birthday is approaching. Between the wedding and trying to figure out Fourth of July plans, it sort of escaped me that my birthday is a month away. Which, yes, isn't that close- but when you are an anxious gift receiver, like myself, you need major time to think. Family and friends know how I wince when the issue of gifts comes up... while I love receiving present, I get thrown into a panic when asked.

It goes like this:

Person who cares for me and wants to make me happy: What do you want for your birthday?

Me: UGH, why are you asking me?

PWCFMaWTMMH: Because I have no idea and I need help, please help me. Also: I want to make you happy.


PWCFMaWTMMH: One, please stop making that noise. Two, birthday presents aren't something you need, they're something you want.

Me: I want this conversation to be over.

On the rare occasion I do come up with something I want, I tend to have trouble deciding who to give the tip to- Mom or Dad? Olivia? Friends? Family? Then I panic over that and never tell anyone and end up buying it for myself, which I'm 100% cool with.

I've figured out three things this year, two of them are bags. One thing I know I do not need more of is bags, so maybe I'm doing birthday right?

The thing about birthdays is that everyone in my life gifts really good gifts. During Christmastime or when they're away on trips no one asks what I want, they just bring home exactly the right thing: something that reminds them of me. Like a book on starting a gift basket company, a beautiful pitcher or a silly Birth of Venus apron. So, maybe if I stay silent or suggest ridiculous gifts (a Volvo, a trip to Monte Carlo, a diamond and ruby tiara) all the PWCFMaWTMMH (People Who Care For Me and Want To Make Me Happy) will let their natural gift giving-knowing me abilities swing into action and I'll get just what I wanted, and certainly nothing I need.

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