Okay, to be fair there was no playlist this morning. I listened to 93.9 FM, BBC World News. The weather here is crazy gorgeous- and I was able to enjoy it for an extra twenty minutes when, just feet from my turn off for work, the road was closed off by approximately three police cars and two fire trucks. Well, turn around, back into town and down West Neck Road I go. Here's a secret about West Neck Road on a sunny Tuesday morning: it smells like honey suckle- ! Oh, it was such a lovely surprise drive.

This is what's on my mind grapes today:
  • Saturday Olivia and I head to the salon to decide on my hair for the wedding. I am torn and confused and indecisive. Olivia has one dress, knew the hairstyle she wanted exactly. I have 2 dresses, the dress I love is having issues and my hairstyle is torturing me. No wonder I'm having stress dreams, a lowered immune system and a twitchy left eye-and it's not my wedding.
Just so you remember, this is what I look like.

I can considering a chignon. Maybe.

  • I have to go to the post office to do a bulk mailing today and I am having a small panic attack about it. The post office bulk mail lady scares me- a lot.
  • How do you guys keep postcards? I have received an influx, right now they're on my cork board- but I want to preserve them/hang them/something. What do you guys suggest? I love these Lexington Silver Plated Frames from Pottery Barn. But then you can't read the messages on the back! Oh, conundrum. What do you all think?


  1. you should go to fred flare's website and buy some "Fred & Friends Birds on a Wire Photo Clips".. that's what i put my postcards on and love them. might buy more, but interested in seeing if i can find a cheaper solution. i hate paying for shipping. (there's a fred flare store in brooklyn though..)

    also, all those hairstyles will look fab on you. just make sure your hair can withstand dancing.

  2. I like both hairstyles on the right. A loose, sexy chignon will be just the thing!

    But you should spray it beyond all reality, so it just looks loose, but doesn't act it. Re-styling it throughout the party will get really boring, really quickly.

    I've started putting postcards into photo albums - kind of pick and choose which side I'd like to display. But there are also those albums with clear sleeves so u can see front and back..