I did not sleep well last night, I had a "Holy Crap I totally forgot to set up a Supervisor" moment. Which would make sense to exactly, just, only ME. But it kept me up none the less, on top of which I was expecting an early morning phone call from Mr. Andrey. Finally, I just got up and called him. Then I went to work and emailed the pertinent people immediately. And I am hoping everything works out. Fingers crossed for me?

Since I was up early I watched a very interesting movie about women in the publishing industry int he 1960s, called "The Best of Everything." It was about women who wanted it all, book editing and even touched on sexual harassment (handled a little differently than it would be today, as you can imagine).

I had a nice (also: rainy and chilly) drive to work.

My Buddy, Chet Baker
The Best Is Yet To Come, Tony Bennet and Diana Krall
Start Wearing Purple, Gogol Bordello

Saturday we did a hair trail for Olivia's coming nuptials. I've decided to go with down, loose waves, pulled up on one side. Reactions have been positive. Also, it was raining and my hair did not get wet- thanks, hairspray!

Salon: Abraxas, Huntington NY | (631) 549-5403

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