Well hello lovelies! I missed you, thought to be perfectly honest this weekend was so busy and wonderful I thought of the internet very little (what a relief!). But here I am, back to real life, back to work, back to "Oh my god, have I really only been at work for 40 minutes? I've put out 40 fires. How is that possible?" This morning on my way to work I jammed out to "Two Princes," which is an iconic song of my childhood- I remember the first time I heard it was in art class with Olivia.. speaking of Olivia... did you know she got married this weekend? Oh, you did? Well here's the start of my wedding recap, from the Maid of Honor/Florist/Officiant/Sister of the Bride's perspective.

Friday, June 24: I chatted with Abby on the phone while I waited for my grizzly bearded man's train to arrive. She was making cold tomato soup with goat cheese gelato- doesn't that just sound amazing. Andrey arrived, I handed him a Nutella Go! Snack and we headed over to Grandmother Lovely's to pick up the Bride's dress.

Moving the Bride's dress required: 3 people to carry it (it wasn't heavy, just stuffed with about 6 tons of tissue paper), 2 sheets pinned around the dress, a sheet lining the entire backseat and trunk of my car, the windows to be closed (since it started raining a bit when we drove off, did I mention the air conditioning in the car is broken?). The veil was wrapped around tissue paper, covered in plastic. The dress looked like a body- but thanks to Grandmother Lovely's fastidiousness it looked amazing the day of.

Andrey and I arrived at the Three Village Inn and checked in- we stayed in the cottages, the room was very nice: king sized bed, sink outside the bathroom (sort of helpful, but I find it odd), nice clean space, working air conditioner. The sound on the TV didn't work, that was the one big negative. Anyway, we made our rounds and found the Bride and Groom and then decided it was time for dinner. The Three Village Inn contains two restaurants- there's the gastro pubby Tavern At Mirabelle and the much celebrated Mirabelle, which was once free standing and now lies within the Inn. Guy Reuge, the much lauded chef, presides over both- but Mirabelle is his baby. I presented all of this information to Andrey as we stood in the lobby of the Inn staring at both menus. Mirabelle is a bit more of a hit to the pocket, but the menu is incredible. The Tavern is cozy and the food is delicious, but breakfast which was included with the room would be served there every morning.

Someone who was not me, who shall remain nameless (cough cough, Andrey) had some trouble deciding*, so I grabbed his hand and walked in the direction of Mirabelle, which was a great decision.

On Fridays Mirabelle has a prix fixe lobster meal for $42 a person- can we say reasonable? You can go the Cheese Cake Factory and pay almost $42 a person. We ordered a glass of wine each, I the chardonnay and Andrey something red, I didn't pay attention. We started with a duck foie gras, which was delicious. First course was cold tomato soup with lobster for Andrey, and a lobster salad for me. We both decided on the lobster tail for our entree (copy cat), and Andrey had the addition of shell steak, cooked medium rare- which was outstanding. Our entrees took an inordinate amount of time to arrive (still not sure why) and the restaurant apologized (without us mentioning it) with an extra round of drinks on them. I just adore service like that. For dessert we both had cappuccinos, I had the Opera Cake (really yummy) and Andrey had the sampler- cheesecake, a pudding, gelato and a mini pecan tartlette.

Editor's note: at some point in the evening I checked my facebook via iPhone and saw lots of "Go New York!" messages. Andrey and I were so pleased that the marriage equality bill went through. We toasted! Lovely is so pleased with New York right now, and I know that Olivia was very proud to get married in New York this weekend!

We giddily left the restaurant, walking back to our cabin a bit tipsy and very pleased. It felt like camp- stopping off in our cabin before heading up the brick path to Olivia and Eric's place, where we sat and talked and ate more with everyone.
What I wore, day 1.

*Conversation from Monday: (I couldn't decide on what to eat at lunch) Me: See, now you know how it feels to be with you. Andrey: What, am I always this bad? Me: Not always, just when you're presented with a decision.

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