Saturday was all about rehearsal events. Andrey and I woke up and headed over to the Main Building for a complementary breakfast buffet with the Bride and Groom and a lot of other family who were staying at the Inn. There was fritatta, bacon, sausage, french toast and really delicious potatoes (breakfast potatoes are one of my favorites). There are some really cute shots of me from breakfast, but they're on Olivia's camera, and she's on her honeymoon, so I probably shouldn't call and her make her send them to me. Probably not.

After a post breakfast nap (always necessary), I headed over to the rehearsal. Everyone was on time. Everyone. Well, except for the Maitre d'. Who was 45 minutes late. Who knew how the entire ceremony was going to happen and where we start the processional and would be directing the wedding. 45 minutes late. And, might I add, with no apology or explanation. Olivia and Eric had a small wedding party and a quick processional. We went through the whole thing once and we're satisfied.

After returning to the room and waking up a napping Andrey, we walked across the street to the Brook House- a really cute old fashioned-y diner/ice cream parlor/soda shop. It was the perfect space for a rehearsal dinner (especially one with kids!) everyone could eat what they wanted, the service was fast and we could be loud. We were fairly annoyed though that the restaurant had seated people in our private room. It cannot be enjoyable for the other patrons to hear our toasts and our family chatter, which was quite loud. But everyone had a great time, and we polished off our meals with lots of ice cream (flavors from rocky road to sugar free vanilla fudge to green tea!). Dinner finished later than expected and Andrey and I rushed to the Inn to greet my awesome Aunt Jane and my Uncle Dick. Jane came with a vase of hydrangea- because something told her too, she came with the perfect amount to make into bouquets*.

Uncle Dick, Eric, Eric's sister Kim, Eric's dad Ron, my Uncle Bill and Aunt Paula all played music for some time, while I chatted with my beloved cousin Kim and amazing daughter Anna. Andrey discussed mountain climbing with my great cousin Mike.

After everyone went home/back to their rooms, Andrey and I hung around finishing up some wedding related business with Olivia and Eric- we discussed who would do what, where the music stand would go, where the microphone would go. I made the bouquets. Then we too retired to our room, where I packed a bag for the next day, showered and finally got into bed at 3 AM, for a 6 AM wake up call.

*The bouquet which I chose to make after I was quoted at the Potting Shed in Huntington at $150 for a Bride's bouquet, $100 each for Maid of Honor and Bride's Maid's. And told that might not be worth their while to deliver. And after I was told my sister's wedding would be an inconvenience to their other Brides at Sugar Magnolias in Stony Brook. Note to all wedding related vendors: yes, you might do this stuff every day- weddings might be totally banal to you, but hopefully the Bride will only do it once. This is my sister's WEDDING DAY you are talking about. Avoid the terms "not worth it" and "inconvenience," try to be nice, imagine how stressed we are, we do not do these things every day, we do not ask these questions or have these questions asked of us every day.

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