This week is my birthday week. I have a mixed relationship with birthdays. I love being the center of attention, but I hate asking for gifts. I've had really great birthdays, like when my dear Alex/Sasha came out to spend my birthday with me. Or after high school when Olivia organized a surprise sleep over with Audie and Nate. There were the birthday party years when my mom would bring a dance teacher over to lead the party, followed by pizza and cake.
All I really needed was the pizza and cake, and my awesome outfit (biking shorts with an oversized t-shirt flipped through itself).

Shocker, this kid enjoys being the center of celebration. After seeing this photo I realized how little I've changed. See below photo from Sunday.

8th birthday? 7th?

Then there were the other birthdays, like last year, where I just couldn't get into the whole "Birthday" business. I hung out with Olivia and Eric and generally, sort of, just kept quiet.

What I've figured out is that for my birthday I like to feel good and enjoy life. So this week I'm cleaning, working out, eating yummy healthy food and maybe creating something. One year Olivia and I went to Claytime in Huntington and painted ceramic pieces. I painted a pitcher, duh.

2009, 22, was a happy birthday- this was how I spent it!

How do you do your birthday, lovelies? Big and over the top? Or small and quiet? What is your birthday gift to yourself? I'm thinking maybe I owe myself a massage...


  1. happy birthday!!! i too really enjoy spending my birthday doing things i love like creating something new and making a healthy dinner and simply spending time with the people i love. i will admit however that i do love little surprises here and there hehe :)

  2. Awww Jen I remember when you looked like that! You were adorable! xoxoxo Susan

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  4. aww happy birthday!! theres not much that has changed from the first birthday to picture to the most recent one :) princess at heart, right!?