LinkHappy Friday, loves! How are you all doing? Anyone have any special plans this weekend? Eric and I will be fixing up the apartment (as always), and possibly buying a new kitchen table! I'm so excited to be home and back in the kitchen. Summer is always my favorite time to cook. I'm especially looking forward to making healthy recipes. Before the wedding I was vigilant with what I ate, but on that was non-stop eating! So worth it, but now that I'm home and it's still bathing suit season, it's high time I get back to eating healthy. When it comes to great recipes to try out, I always turn to our West Coast Lovely, Sweet Life Laur. In fact, just yesterday, while browsing her recipes for this post, I came across the recipe for Springtime minestrone and it looked so good, I just had to make it. I took some chicken broth and threw in frozen carrots and peas, sauteed mushroom and onions, sauteed asparagus, some pepper and garlic powder. I let it cook up, and it's a delicious, and very healthy, soup! Want to try some other uber-healthy recipes from Sweet Life Laur? Here's a list of the ones I'll be trying this summer:

What's your favorite healthy recipe to cook? I need to learn to cook fish better, that's on my list of things to learn! Have a healthy and happy weekend, Lovelies!

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