Happy Friday, Lovelies! Check out this adorable photo of Pip by Hart + Sol Photo...doesn't she look calm and cool in this pic? It's not so calm and cool here on Long Island today; it's HOT! It's too hot for the pool even! Jenny and I will be spending the day at Grandmother Lovely's, in the air conditioning, probably crafting, or playing Scrabble, and definitely eating our fair share of delicious fruit. What are you all doing this weekend? How do you stay cool? I've been drinking gallons of water (yes, literally, gallons), and staying out of my car...which has no A/C (remind me to take care of that!). Before you depart for the weekend, remember to enter our Bluegrass T-shirt Giveaway! Have a great weekend, beauts!


  1. awesome links! I just found your blog too!

  2. drinking water with cucumber helps me stay hydrated! also eating lots of watermelon :) hope you have a fabulous weekend!