Happy Friday, loves! What are you all doing this weekend? Today I'm doing something I've been looking forward to all year: going swimming with Grandmother Lovely. We're heading over to my aunt's house for a dip in the pool; my grandmother, a total beach baby at heart, loves to swim laps and totally makes fun of me for cringing when the pool is slightly cold. I'll be wearing my Tugless Tank from Land's End (which is on major sale!), but when I'm not swimming laps in a pool, wouldn't this adorable retro beach outfit, inspired by a young Joan Collins, be perfect? I'm a huge fan of gingham, big sunglasses, and shoes which are easy to kick off in the sand. What will you be sportin' on the beach, or by the pool, this weekend? This morning I've decided to stop by Old Navy and try to find some more summer clothes...it just dawned on me that wearing yoga pants (every day; and no, I don't practice yoga outside of the house) isn't really a summer wardrobe...so off I go to find some very late in the season summery clothing! Before you go off dancing and prancing this weekend, don't forget to enter our great Bluegrass Giveaway, and oh, did we mention we were in the newspaper? Only once or twice, right? Well, don't forget to check it out and have a great weekend!

PS. If you happen to be Long Island Lovelies, check out some of our favorite places to relax!

(picture via Valentino Vamp)

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