LinkHi Lovelies! It's so nice to be home. We got back from the grand honeymoon yesterday--a trip to Williamsburg, Virgina, with a route home passing through Winchester, VA, as well (photos and reviews of everything to come!). Meanwhile, while I miss everyone who was at the wedding (my wedding wrap-up to come, too!), but it's sort of nice to have wedding planning over and done with...back to real life! When we were in Williamsburg, Eric bought me a ring with my new initials on it; we were talking a lot about rings, being that he's wearing one for the first time and all. So, when I came across these gorgeous replica wedding rings, which are "Cast from original dies retrieved from a warehouse in Holland" from Victorian Trading Co., I knew I had to share them with you, even though the wedding is over. Although they are made from wedding rings, these would be a great present to yourself, mother, sister, or even to use as a real wedding ring. I love how intricate and detailed they are, without being too flashy or overdone. At such a reasonable price, this is the perfect ring to wear when you feel like dressing up, or wear it to the gym and to run errands, people will wonder where you got that gorgeous ring!

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