Do you ever see those women who seem to do the most amazing craft projects, have a full time job, always look totally stylish, and run a blog...and you think, "How the heck do they do it?!" That's how we feel about Susan of the gorgeous shabby chic blog, Homeroad. Susan has been a family friend for over twenty years (she was our pre-school teacher, and now I'm her colleague!), and she's one of the craftiest, nicest, and most genuine people we know. Not only does Susan literally turn junk into art, but she has raised four beautiful daughters, keeps plants alive, and manages to have a very successful blog and Etsy shop. Hailing from Long Island, Susan is one of the most eco-friendly artists I know, for she finds tons of her materials on the side of the road, and turns them into new and beautiful home decor. Check out my favorite items from the Homeroad store, and don't forget to follow all of Susan's projects at Homeroad!

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  1. You guys are so kind! Thank you so much for this lovely tribute!
    I love you both!