Here is something you may not know about Andrey: (to be fair, you probably don't know much about Andrey at all.) the boy likes to shred snow (is that a term?). I'm trying to say he snow boards. He loves snow boarding, but I think more than that, he loves the excuse to eat delicious Liege Waffles from Waffle Cabin when he snowboards. This has been a constant discussion point- he sampled Belgian waffles in Bruges, happily ate my first attempt at waffles a few weeks ago (um, they were awesome, you're welcome) and would it be a good thing to order them frozen from Waffle Cabin? No, we agreed- such delicate (so he tells me) waffles should not be frozen, shipped and microwaved.
Belgian Waffle in Bruges

Somewhere an idea was formed. I couldn't tell you where. But somehow I ordered Belgian Pearl Sugar from Lars (though it appears you can purchase it from the Waffle Cabin for cheaper). And Andrey brought his waffle iron. And quietly, on Saturday morning we got to making waffles. We decided on this recipe from The Kitchn, which was about half way of difficulty from the easiest one I found to the most insane one (which we plan on trying).

The waffles were delicious- desserty, sugary wonders. I would however, cut the Pearl Sugar by about 25%. I also would say the recipe makes 8 waffles, not 12. Also, we used a higher fat, raw milk and fresh eggs in our recipe - I don't know if it really changed the recipe, I just want you to know I am really cool for buying raw milk and organic, fresh eggs.

Here is our morning in photographs.

This is the face I make when I realize I've bought the wrong Pearl Sugar (Swedish! Who needs that?). When Andrey asks me if I have a laser thermometer? No, why would I own one of those? When it looks like the dough isn't rising. When the dog keeps barking at us to come play with her when I have waffles on the iron. When I realize how torturous it is to clean caramelized sugar out of a waffle maker.

Before going on the waffle maker, you split the dough into pieces and let them rise a bit. Those white pieces are the sugar- seriously.


Puppy break.

Gorgeous, delicious waffles.

The waffles are so sugary and sweet, you feel like you need a workout afterwards- feel free to go outside and jump around a bit.

Most of the photos are courtesy of the Waffle Lovin' man, Andrey.


  1. You should be checking out Homeroad today my lovelys! xoxo Susan

  2. Susan, we saw! We LOVE it!! Thank you! :)