Olivia and I have been trying to make wiser decisions when it comes to purchasing clothes. I've realized for my body I need clothes that are built to fit. I needed to accept at some point that I do not have the type of body that looks truly awesome in clothes that are not made with my body in mind. I have an issue with this because I am also..what's the word.. oh, cheap. I'm really cheap. I get offended when asked to pay more than $20 for a dress. But Olivia and I have mutually agreed upon more local buying, less Forever21 buying. More Milk and Honey, less Marshalls. We love the community of stores in Huntington and we want them to survive.

So we were really excited when we walked (on like, the hottest day of the year) into Zoe and Co, and were met not only by the insanely kind owner Tom, but also by a whole collection of beautiful dresses. And outside a $19 dollar rack with chiffon dresses. Pink chiffon dresses. And white chiffon dresses. And honestly, we didn't even need to try them on, we just purchased and decided to decide later who got what.

Tom was so kind, happy to chat and even handed us each a bottle of water to battle the heat. I've heard the store is named after his sweet puppy Zoe, a yorkie. I'm excited to go back to do some more shopping and meet the cute little doggy.

Make sure to stop by Zoe and Co at 233 Main Street in Huntington (Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 12pm-5pm) or 508 Central Avenue in Cedarhurst (Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm; Sunday 11am-5pm). Check them out on twitter and facebook for exclusive deals, too! Hello 10% off!

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  1. Thank you ladies, It was a pleasure!!