Last Friday night, the sun was shinning beautifully over Huntington harbor, people were out and about in town, shopping and eating, and we were happily munching on tapas and drinking wine at Bin 56. Eric, Jenny, Andrey and I decided to stop in because Eric's bosses had glowing recommendations for the food. We love food, we love Huntington, we love going out, so we thought we'd give it a try. When you walk into Bin 56, it's almost daunting how small it is! There's one long table (as pictured above), some couches to sit on, and a bar. We sat at the end of the long table, with the sun right above our heads (my only complaint was that the music was a little loud to have a conversation--and it is an intimate place!). I would definitely say this place was a great date place, double date place, or a girl's night out eatery. It's the perfect place for a quick nosh before heading out to town for the night. Huntington needed a place like this!

We decided on four tapas dishes: the short rib, which was one of the best short ribs we all had ever had; the duck crepe, which was delicious (though, they should have served it in smaller portions, instead of one big crepe!); the flatbread pizza, which was very light and fresh tasting; and the chicken skewers, which were done to perfection and served with a delicious peanut sauce. We were very impressed with the food! Jenny and Andrey tried the wine, and were happy with it. It was nice to sit and chat without having the overwhelming decision of what entire meal to eat, and having to sit for a long time and wait for everything to come out. We loved sharing the four small dishes and discussing each one. (Jenny's note) Andrey even stated that the tapas at Bin 56 was significantly better than any he had tried in Barcelona- take that Spain! We realized when you get a smaller dish, as tapas is, it's easier to taste the flavor of the food and really get what the chef was trying to accomplish. We had a fantastic time, the food was really, really delicious, and we'll definitely be going back soon.

Bin 56 is at 56 Stewart Avenue in Huntington; they also have $5 wine and $5 tapas at 5:00 PM Monday-Friday! (We'll be back for that, for sure.)

Photos from their website.

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