Lovelies, where is the summer going? Wasn't it just the end of the school year? Yesterday was a month since the wedding! Crazy. Yesterday wasn't as hot here on Long Island, so I was lazy and meandered around town for the day, visited Jenny at work, did some shopping, and ended the day with ice cream with the birthday girl, and a movie on the couch with Eric. What did you do yesterday?LinkDid you know The Loft is having a huge sale? 50% off the lowest sale price! I know! I've been eying this dress for a while and finally gave in and got it. I'm going to wear it to Eric's show on Friday.

I went to the library and took out some new movies for Eric and I. I got My Own Love Song (music by Bob Dylan); It's Kind of A Funny Story, and Cyrus. We watched Cyrus last night; it was was sort of a sweet story line, but I was expecting it to be funny, and it wasn't. I still think it's amazing that libraries have movies you can rent for free--I mean, as long as you return them on time! (Which I'm getting better at!). Have you seen any of these movies?

LinkLast night Jenny and I ventured into town for some TLC: The Lite Choice. I had peanut butter with granola (they make the peanut butter from fresh peanuts!) and Jenny had coconut almond in a cone (with coconut flakes in it, so yum). It was dinner for us, and delicious!

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