It's summer (if you weren't aware), which means teachers are off from school, which means people often ask me, "what do you do all summer?" Well, Lovelies, here's what I did yesterday...

Wednesday, July 20th
Soundtrack of the Day: I've been obsessed with Kati Penn and NewTown; Eric introduced me to them, and I can't get enough of this soulful bluegrass music. I've been playing the album "My Turn to Cry" over and over. Favorite songs from the CD? Golden Ring, My Turn to Cry, Goin' Home, Sun's Gonna Shine, and Never Gonna Change--these 5 songs are exactly how long it takes me to drive to town!

What I wore: I decided to switch from my standard yoga pants and a t-shirt to my pretty yellow seersucker dress from Milk & Honey. It was so lovely walking around town in this dress with pockets! (Which made for carrying two iced teas doable--put my car keys in my pocket for easy access!)

What I did:
  • I decided it was time my brain do something other than read blogs, so I posed the question for book suggestions on Facebook, and headed to the library with a list of books in hand. I got 6 books and just started The Wet Nurse's Tale. I love historical fiction.
  • I stopped in at Ooh La La for a quick browse of clothes...I'll be going back there! Nice selection of items.
  • I walked around town a bunch, stopped in to The Loft to try on jeans, saw some people I knew. I love living in a 'small town.' (Eric says it's more like a city, but I grew up here, so to me, it's a small town!)
  • I visited Jenny at work.
  • Came home and cooked dinner: shredded chicken in tomato sauce (we're obsessed with Emeril's sauces, particularly Roasted Garlic), with linguine.
  • Read my new books, hung out with Eric, watched some Modern Family.
I stopped by Jenny's work to drop off a 5738 ounce iced tea from Starbucks (okay, it was actually the new 31 ounce's huge!).

It was a lovely, sunny Wednesday...what did you do yesterday?

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