I am an obsessive gmailer*, by that I mean I keep my gmail open all the time. All. the. time. If you ever email me you will probably be surprised to receive a response pretty much immediately. I can't help it, I need to respond to emails, you deserve a response right away!

So, sometimes it really works out- like last week when I got an email from Leora from Newsday. She features twitter accounts from all over Long Island and she wanted to feature ours! LovelyOnTheGo (@LovelyOnTheGo) is a great way to reach out to fellow bloggers and Long Islanders, I love the easy set up and very little maintenance it takes- our tumblrs feed right into our twitter, as does our Facebook. Easy, peasy. As an obsessive gmailer, I clearly emailed her back right away and then left 40 voice mails on Olivia's machine to field a phone call from Leora to discuss how we use twitter. Olivia had the audacity to be in the shower at the time, hence the 40 voice mails. But, eventually she stopped being trouble and got in touch with Leora- they had a great chat and Leora told us to look out for a post this week!

Anyway, we were excited and we're thrilled when one of Mother Lovely's friends let her know that her daughters were in Newsday! Thank you Leora for this cool opportunity!

Text: Sisters Olivia Howell, 26, and Jenny Dreizen, 24, use their Twitter handle to give followers a “romantic and classy” look at Long Island. “We want to show people that Long Island has a nice side to it,” Howell said. Their tweets focus on creative things to do on LI and specialty shops and boutiques. Through Twitter, the Huntington sisters have made friends and connected with people who are share their interests.

The top stories of the day, there were a few above us, but...We came in over a 16 pound baby! How cool is that!? Once in a life time, I tell you!
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*To be fair, I sort of am an obsessive phone-owner, google+ user and etc, and so on. What can I say, I'm a child of my generation.

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