So, after a really deep night of sleep, we woke up, packed up and loaded up the car. Then Andrey and I ate breakfast at the Mirabelle Tavern, checked out and headed over to Olivia and Eric's, aka The Howells' room, to hang out, help them pack and say goodbye to those who were left.

We took off, right across the street to the Getty to fill up my tires- which they would not let us pay for, how nice! Then we grabbed a two large iced coffees with an extra shot at The Dish, which is insanely cute. We finally decided not to head home; home, we decided would be a black hole of naps and probably pancakes. Instead we decided to hit the open road and head out to the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead.

Andrey had been lusting over this red Chambray shirt for approximately 400 years and had finally caved and ordered it and was pleasantly surprised when we walked into the outlet to find it on the front table. Only instead of $98, it was $64 and also, it was 30% off...and also, I still get a 15% off student discount. He excitedly tried his size on, only to find it was a bit snug. Okay, back to the table for the next size up. There were none. NONE. He decided on this shirt, and this one too, I believe. For about $30 each.

I was really frustrated that the one size they had in a pile of 30 shirts was the one size Andrey needed- how ridiculous to have to pay $100 for a shirt we see right there is $30. I asked if maybe the J. Crew Outlet at Tanger: Deer Park had the shirt in his size. The very helpful young woman called over, confirmed they did. She had the shirt set aside and put in an order form and took Andrey's payment information. He'll have to return the shirt from the store, which was too small anyway- but he has the right one in the mail on his way to him! What I'm trying to say is it was a great shopping day-3 shirts for the price of one!

After that I was really ready to get back on the open road. Andrey asked me to take care of lunch/dinner so I was unusually quiet the trip home, as I thought of a great place for lunch-dinner. I surprised him by pulling into the Brittania Yachting Center in Northport. He'd been wanting to check out the center for a while, but he was legitimately confused as to why we were going there for food (apparently boats aren't food?).

Well, SURPRISE, we were going to Whale's Tale, a super casual outdoor seating seafood joint. We had the boneless buffalo wings which were exactly as you'd expect- yummy but not amazing. Lobster bisque which was amazing, it was creamy and delicious and lobster-y. I had the crunchy fish tacos which were really fresh, light and healthy tasting. Andrey had the Surf&Turf taco- which was I believe, steak, shrimp and fried onions. Hint: he inquired about the portion size and the waitress said that for an extra $2.50 he could add a third taco to his 2, which were about $8. We had a great time sitting in the sun and enjoying the breeze and the food. It was a perfect ending to a hectic and wonderful Wedding weekend.

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