A few weekends ago Eric and I traveled to Connecticut for the Podunk Bluegrass Festival. We just went for the day, but luckily the rain held out and we got to see some amazing musicians perform, eat some not-so-healthy food, and take a mini day-cation together.

This was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen! A Musical Petting Zoo. Genius. There was a ton of of different instruments there that you could pick up and play. I'm a fan of the mini-Martins (I asked Santa for one this year; luckily my Santa has an addiction to buying instruments, so the odds of it being under the tree are oddly high) since I'm small, I could actually play a child-sized guitar. It was awesome seeing all different people of all different ages try out the instruments.

The most awesome part of the day was seeing The Kruger Brothers play. They aren't really "bluegrass" or any music genre, for that matter, they just make gorgeous music. I don't care what your musical taste is, if you love beautiful (I think the word to use here is "mellifluous") music, you must listen to The Kruger Brothers (I even cried during one of their workshops, the music was so gorgeous!).

I was so excited to hear Darin and Brooke Aldridge. They're a young couple (one of the "Sweethearts of Bluegrass Music" (my other favorite "sweetheart couple" being Kenny and Amanda Smith) and she's got a killer, killer voice. Paired with their awesome musicians, and Darin's guitar playing, they are definitely a band you'll be seeing a lot of soon.

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper was so uplifting to see and simply put, just straight-up great bluegrass music. It kept me on the edge of my seat and so excited to just hear a band who plays so well together.

Speaking of great bluegrass music, remember our giveaway a few weeks ago with GuyTalls, who makes those "Everything Goes Better With Bluegrass" shirts? He was so flattered by all the sweet comments you Lovelies gave him shirts, that he is offering Lovely readers a special deal: go over to GuyTalls to buy a shirt, message him with the code "LovelyAtYourSide" and get $5 off your shirt! Nice, right? Thanks for the great offer, Luke!

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