You gals! I never told you what I got in the great Bracelet Swap hosted by Chasing Davies! Like I said, I was matched up with the stylish and adorable Ellie of All Around Ellie; I sent her a Wampum inspired bracelet, and guess what she sent me?! Well, first of all, she must have read my mind in a big way: I hate annoying clasps on bracelets, and I hate bracelets that are too big (I have freakishly small wrists). She made me a beautiful turquoise beaded bracelet which stretches (yes!), and a gorgeous leather and light blue twisted bracelet with a giant lobster clasp, so I can put it on without asking for help! This weekend Eric and I went to look for kitchen tables, and I wanted my outfit to match my new (very comfortable) bracelets. I went with an aqua t-shirt from Old Navy, The Loft jeans (so comfy), and borrowed a dark burgundy leather belt from Eric (perk of marrying a guy who loves leather belts). These bracelets are so light and easy to wear, I love them! Thank you Ellie for the bracelets and Meg for hosting the giveaway!

PS. Guess what?! Meg is hosting Bracelet Swap 2.0! I am psyched. Go join in!

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