So, you all know that I've spent August dyeing clothing...I've mostly been making clothes for my nieces and nephews, but I've been toying with the idea of doing some adult clothes, too. I made some cute t-shirts for myself, but I wanted to do more. So, when I was at Marshalls a few weeks ago I came across a white Calvin Klein dress which was on sale for $20. That's obviously a great price for a CK dress, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. I was nervous to dye it! Flash forward to this week: Jenny called me and told me that she bought a white CK dress from Marshalls for $15, and would I dye it for her? I could do anything I wanted with it, she told me! Guess which dress it was? Yep! The same dress! Call it sister intuition, but she didn't know how happy I was that she bought the dress for me to dye! Now, here's where the conundrum is...what color do I dye it?! Do I do a pattern? Ombre? Lovelies, I need your help!

Here's the dress (it's Jenny's exact size, too! Dress fate.):
Here are the colors I have on hand:
Okay, Lovelies: which color should I use? What pattern? Any pattern? Help me design this dress!


  1. Navy blue or tangerine! How about a bit of a tie-dyed effect?

  2. i was thinking mixing brown with red so you get a nice auburn color
    but you don't have red