Happy Friday, Lovelies! Did you know that tomorrow would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday? In honor of that, we decided to bring you some true Lucy style that you can wear. Lucille Ball was famous for her polka-dotted dresses, especially with collars, so I searched high and low for the perfect retro looking polka-dotted dresses which had a very "I Love Lucy" feel to them. In honor of Lucy, here's some interesting facts about her (did you know any of these?):

  • The day her father died when she was four, and that day a bird got trapped in the house; ever since then she had an intense phobia of birds.
  • She went to drama school in New York City with Bette Davis.
  • She had rheumatoid arthritis.
  • She met Desi Arnaz in 1940, and was 6 years older than him; since it was socially unacceptable at the time for an older woman and younger man to marry, they split the difference and both claimed they were born in 1914 (she was actually 1911, and he 1917).
  • When Ball registered to vote in 1936, she listed her party affiliation as Communist.
  • She was 40 when she had her first child.
  • She passed away on April 26th, 1989.
(thanks Wikipedia!)


  1. * she registered as communist in 1938 as well.

    **she was 39 and 11 months when she had baby lucy.

    ***i'm lucille ball OBSESSED and have 2 dresser drawers devoted to her at my parents' house. =) so glad you posted about her. <3

  2. Great post! Love her! Happy bday, Lucy!

  3. Kelli, I have a tendency to round up! ha. Two dresser drawers?! Wow!

    Emma: thanks!