Lovelies, last night I was sort of in a bummer mood. I had done a ton of stuff that day (including getting lost on the way to the social security office to get my name changed...I completely missed the giant street sign which said, "Social Security Office" and drove around the same block six times. Go me.) and had one of those "oh my God, my grandparents aren't going to be alive forever?!" moments...needless to say, I was more than happy when Eric suggested spaghetti and meatballs, and an 80's comedy to watch (we watched Only the Lonely...cute). Aaaanyway, after the movie I was all set to go clean up the kitchen and do dishes when I saw Practical Magic was on. Now, I'm bias to anything Practical (wink), but this movie has always been one of my favorites. It's about sisters who are witches and dance around their kitchen. Um, yes please. However, my most favorite thing about Practical Magic is the very last quote, as said by Sandra Bullock:

"But there are some things I know for certain: always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can."

I'm not sure why exactly, but that line gets my tear ducts going every time. Also, Aidan Quinn is in the movie, and any movie with Mr. Quinn cannot be bad. It simply cannot.

Is there a line in a movie which makes your heart swell? What's your favorite movie about sisters? Did you ever dress up as a witch as a child?
Have a magical weekend, lovelies!

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