Lovelies, one of the things I'm learning (you know, since I've become a married adult lady), is that when shopping for clothes, don't just buy pieces that fit you, but buy outfits that work together, and would work with each other! Genius idea.

So, when The Loft was having a gigantic six hour 40% everything sale, I ran over there. I love The Loft because I'm a petite size, and I love that they have pretty, classy, and feminine styles for petite ladies. Also, Loft loves teachers! Love anyone that loves and appreciates teachers. I decided it was high time for some new school clothes, but I also wanted these clothes to be able to be worn on weekends; luckily, Loft makes versatile and comfortable clothing, which could easily go from monitoring study hall to dinner with Eric.

So, what did I end up getting? I fell in love with both the outfits below: I needed pants for school which I could feel great in, luckily the Modern Flare Leg Pants in Stretch Twill came in a petite size, and I got them in the sand and grey color. I also got jeans in the same cut, wore them already and love them! As for tops, I wanted loose, blouse-y, "enhanced t-shirts." Things I'd feel good about myself wearing no matter what! I love the nautical look of the Slubby Wedge T-shirt (got it in both navy and brown! See navy below with the jeans). I also picked up the Pintuck Tank in all three colors (see red below). I love how soft this shirt is. Last but not least, I am known for my drape-y sweaters at school (or, as Eric calls them, the "shirts and sweaters you stuff into your bag and carry with you at all times.") so when I came across the Short Sleeved Sweater (below), I knew it would be a perfect summer-t0-fall transition staple (and you know how I love my s-t-f staples!). PS. Sweater has pockets! I am so happy and comfortable with everything I got, I can't wait to wear my new wardrobe this Fall!

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