Lovelies, have you heard about the controversial shirt January Jones wore out to walk the dog? It was (gasp!) sheer! The issue people had with the shirt wasn't exactly the shirt itself, it was with Ms. Jones: she's with child. Well, we here at Lovely believe sheer is in, as long as it's done in a classy and lovely way; I think January looks adorable and is rocking the preggo body (I mean, hello: she's gorgeous). Jordan Reid, over at Ramshackle Glam, addressed the topic of pregnancy and sheer clothing by suggesting to layer, layer, layer! I love Jordan's outlook on pregnancy and clothing: as long as you feel good, who cares what you wear?! Well, if you're pregnant, or not, you can still rock the sheer top, and I happen to love this one from our much loved Milk & Honey. I love the fluttery sleeves and loose, breezy look to the shirt. Would you wear a sheer shirt if you were pregnant? What if you weren't?

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