There's few things in life Jenny loves more than her pitchers: but if I know one thing, it's that she loves making/creating pitchers more than just simply buying one. However, we are lucky enough to live in a town which has a place that caters to all of Jenny's loves: Claytime! Claytime is a paint your own pottery place. They have a huge assortment of items to paint. We went here a few years ago for Jenny's birthday, but Thursdays are "Adult Night," so I figured it would be a perfect place for the four of us to kick off Jenny's birthday weekend. We love this place, simply put. It's bright, clean, easy to relax in, and really fun! We can't wait to go back and paint more things...and more...and more!

I decided, as a gift to Ms. Pitcher Collector, that we would all paint her a pitcher for her to keep always and remember this birthday. Upon deciding what piece you want to paint at Claytime, you get to chose 6 glaze colors. When you run out, they come fill them up for you! It's awesome.

Jenny used stamps on her pitchers...I wasn't so brave.

Jenny's pitcher, which ended up looking very country-ish, and for some reason had sheriff's stars on it. It was beautiful and so very Jenny!

Andrey and Eric pretended they were on a Bravo show and raced the clock to make the perfect pitcher; Eric even went as far to say, "brushes down!" Andrey made a gorgeous pitcher, reminiscent of a Greek vase, with a lion on it, for little Miss Leo.

This was my Martha Stewart-meets-Circus Clown inspired pitcher. I like to stick with lines, dots, and pastel colors.

It was "adult night" at Claytime, so we brought some of Jenny's fave: Proseco.

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