While reading the style section of the New York Times, I came across a picture of the adorable Reese Witherspoon which they featured, and then they styled her outfit. They described her look as, "summer love. A cheerful pink floral is irresistibly pretty. Period." And, according to the times she was wearing a "Juicy Couture dress, Jimmy Choo sunglasses, ChloƩ handbag, Rolex watch and Christian Louboutin shoes." She does indeed look very happy, summery, and relaxed. I loved the look, but when I went to see what the suggested look from The Times was, I was taken aback! They styled $500 sunglasses, a $300 watch, $525 dress, $695 sandals, and the topper on the cake was the $4,590 bracelet! Who, my dear Times, can afford those items? Ms. Witherspoon, I guess that's who. However, the normal, average New York Times reader, I am certain, in these amazing economic times cannot afford a bracelet which is equal to a few months rent. Therefore, in true Lovely fashion, I took matters into my own hands and styled a very affordable and close-to-her-look outfit. Tell me, beauts: could you ever imagine spending that much on a bracelet?

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