I may have a fear of going to the doctor, but I love a gorgeous Doctor's Bag, like this one from Etsy.

Today I am going to the doctor for my annual physical. If "annual" meant every 8 years, I'd be right on task! Go me. Not exactly. See, I'm a girl with a not-so-great past history with the medical industry. I had open heart surgery at 8 months old, which for some reason affects me less than the fact that when I was 16 I fainted at the doctor's office. Not that the surgery didn't impact my entire life (hello, awesome chest scar...which is barely visible now, and I do happen to love), but ever since the fainting incident of 2001, I've developed a serious phobia of doctors.

So, why am I going today? Well, mostly because my current doctor (at my late grandfather's practice) is an hour away, and being a teacher and all, I have a fear of getting sick, so I want a doctor who is closer to me. Luckily, my awesome sister went last week to a new doctor and texted me: "OMG YOU WILL LOVE HER." So, I took a deep breathe and made an appointment. Doomsday. Doctors. Yikes. Is there anything wrong with me? Only mentally (apparently); I didn't even get lab work done (I faint every time my blood gets drawn. Even typing that made me woozy.). So, I'll go check it out. I'll be a big girl and drive the 10 minutes to the doctor, hand my insurance card in, change into a gown, get weighed, and go through with it. However, I've been lying on the couch watching Amsale Girls all morning, heart pounding, palms sweaty...please tell me someone else feels this way?! We're not supposed to like going to the doctor, right? Right?!


  1. Omg Olivia. I just got back from the dentist and I now know exactly how you felt this day. Rewind: I have been going to the same dentist for 10 years, but he recently sold his practice. I had my cleaning a few weeks ago, where I met the new doctor, and he was fine but zero personality and seemingly right out of school (total opposite of the guy I had been seeing for so long). Today I had to go back in for two fillings (embarrassing), and in the middle of filling #1 I just started crying because I had such a horrible sense of dread about the new guy. Obviously he finished the first filling, but I had to leave after that. I am now on the hunt for a dentist I will feel comfortable around. ughhh....I hope your new doctor was better than my new dentist!!