Our weekend houseguests...

Hi Lovelies, how did you fare this weekend?! Eric and I were very, very lucky and didn't lose power or anything! The same can't be said for Jenny, our mother, grandmother, or aunts. Yikes. What did that mean for us? It means we got a knock on the door...actually, rocks thrown at our window, Sunday morning, only to find Jenny and Andrey waiting downstairs. After a delicious lunch of steak and other random "emergency food" (Yes, steak is emergency food. It was in the freezer!), Collin ended up coming over, then Mother and Step-father Lovely...it was a circus of a day! We ended the night with a huge meal of Chinese food, brownies, and some Real Housewives (it was Mom's choice to watch). Anyway, they're all still out of power, so I expect some more housecalls today. But, we were lucky! I was very nervous Saturday night when they started saying we were under tornado warnings (we don't have a basement, so I was a tad nervous about where to go in a tornado), but we did it! Phew. This is my last week of summer (what!), but I'm getting very excited to go back to school...what did you do during the hurricane? Let us know you're safe and sound, friends!

They were a little weary.


  1. I think you guys should do a post on extreme comfort foods: "what would you guys cook/serve for loved ones in a power-outtage situation?" :)

    Your bossy, know-it-all cousin ;)

  2. Good idea, bossy, know it all cousin! We love you! Why don't YOU DO THE POST?! :) !!

  3. Very scary indeed! We do have a basement but who was going to wake us up and tell us it was a tornado warning and we should go down there.... Relief when it was all over and we actually had power!