Hi Lovelies! Laura from Sweet Life Laur here. Usually I come to you bearing recipes and food photos, but today I am super excited because I just made my very first Polyvore board! I first saw these awesome inspiration boards on Lovely at Your Side, but as I have started branching out in my blog reading (aka, incorporating a few choice fashion and lifestyle blogs into my once strictly-food blog rotation), I have seen them pop up all over the place. I've always wanted to make one, but that's not really what the food blog audience is looking for, so I held off.

When Olivia told me I didn't necessarily have to do a recipe for my guest post, the wheels started turning. My boyfriend Tim and I are going to Turkey and Greece for two weeks at the end of September. I had hit up several Labor Day sales to stock up on vacation outfit essentials, but I hadn't put them all together yet and was starting to worry. We are traveling backpack-style (check out my snazzy new North Face bag!), which I have never done, so packing is a bit different than what I am used to. It was a little bit overwhelming.

Using Polyvore, I was able to find almost all of my items AND organize them into outfits! (The $240 Liberty of London scarf and $1,000 Ralph Lauren wrap sweater, unfortunately, will probably never be a part of my wardrobe, but I own similar looking items). So, this is what I'm taking, plus a few extra mix 'n match pieces. See the original board with prices and items here.

Thanks for the inspiration, girls - packing is going to be a breeze!

You can find Ms. Sweet Life's food and recipes at Sweet Life Laur and her lifestyle blog at Sweet Life A La Carte.

Laura, thanks for the awesome guest post! We are so excited for you and can't wait to see pics! XO.

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