I love fashion! Of course I do, I almost had a panic attack this morning when I found a tiny hole in my beloved black skinny jeans. When they pass on I'm going to have to return to that creepy store on Broadway (um, or any of them) and buy myself another pair (these pants are like 5 years old). I love fashion, I really do. I love new fashion and I read Kendie Everyday...like every day. I'm a total slave to any Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or Marc Jacobs I find, especially on sale. One day I will own a vintage Diane Von Furstenburg Wrap dress.

But I cannot, for the life of me get into Fashion Week. I get it, I saw the Devil Wears Prada and September Issue. Ridiculously expensive runway clothing dictates what is fashionable down the line- trickle down. I so get it.

But you know what? School is starting for kids all over the country, and in my mind, since I assume the rest of the world revolves around NY (kidding), the rest of the world. So, instead of spending my money on heading into the city ($20) to go attend a Fashion Week party or head to dinner with my friends ($60) on Bryant Park (who am I kidding, $100), I figured maybe I could do something a little nicer for someone else. I go out to dinner on the regular, I have 2 closets of clothes (after donating a ton, seriously, what's wrong with me?), and so many shoes I almost never wear out a pair. I went to a really lovely high school and was fortunate to have a college education. These are not givens- so I decided to offer my good fortune (money) to a worthy cause.

For $25 I can buy a pair of shoes for a girl in 
Rural Africa so she can go to school
That's my Fashion Week- because nothing's more fashionable than a smart lady.

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