If this problem has been handled once, it's been handled a dozen times: what does a girl wear to her father's poetry reading? Oh, I'm sorry are you shaking your head and saying that is not a normal issue? So it's just me...okay. Anyway, this is what sounded comfortable for making my way to Manhattan for the evening. Skinny black jeans (I bought mine in some random store on Broadway sophomore year of college. That makes my pants 6 years old (holy moly). I cannot decide if I should go with a short sleeved black t or a 3/4 length sleeve stripped (it's still 80 some odd degrees here in New York). Jean jacket is a staple...especially since I just found it under someone's wedding stuff. I forgot to include a scarf- I'm bringing this brown and metallic pashmina/scarf/blanket/amazingness from H&M approximately 5 years ago. I can use it as a pillow for my late night train ride. Or for my afternoon train ride. I'm really tempted to throw on a beret and go full out Village Beatnik Chic. Survey says? 

Anyway, I am so excited to head to my old campus (Go Violets!) and to see my papa shine. He came to all my school plays, I'm happy to return the favor!

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