Okay, this goes back sort of far. So when Olivia started wedding planning and talking to her amazing photographers Maddie and Monica (who I introduced her to, and yes, I am patting myself on the back between keystrokes), they introduced her to this incredible website A Practical Wedding, aka APW. It was at Maddie's urging that I applied to be a vendor on A Practical Wedding and then by a stroke of really good fortune that I became the officiant for their Yay NY! Event- celebrating Marriage Equality. Picture this: a day where you get to hang out with awesome bloggers, photographers, writers and event planners (each terrific woman was at least 2 of those- writer and photographer, event planner and blogger, photographer and organizer, etc) in a beautiful party space with delicious cake. And then you get to marry 2 couples. In 2 hours. It was an amazing afternoon. Not to mention the party which followed (um, or the burgers and cupcakes Andrey and I fueled up on in between).

This is getting pretty far removed from the topic- WHICH WAS: I met Amber at YAY! NY. And then I followed her on twitter, as these things go. And then I started clicking the links to her blog from her twitter and I discovered this very cool thing called a Life List- which is sort of like a Bucket List, but without the depression death bent. I noticed it on some other APW-ers blogs too. And I so dig the concept. A list of things to accomplish, which you actively pursue. Duh, right? Like so brilliant and so obvious!

While I compile my Life List, observe some life goals which I've already crossed off! Check, check and check!

Spend a day by myself exploring a city abroad.

Be in a newspaper for something I've accomplished.

Take a totally unnecessary trip with a great friend.

Eat breakfast in Paris...and really EAT IT. I.E. Eat everything.

Celebrate New Years in Paris

This picture is two things: it's from my run the other day, of sail boats.
1. Run a mile without stopping 
(seriously, this was something I'd never done before a month ago).
2. Learn to sail (which was something I never thought I'd want to do, and love!) 
My classes aren't done yet...so maybe that will go on the real life list!

Okay, I'll be working on my list...while I go drag my lazy self out for a run. What would for sure, certainly, most definitely go on your Life List, lovelies?


  1. This is awesome. I want to do one now!

  2. Thanks for the wedding sites... Kasey is getting married in April, I'm sending it to her!
    Susan xo

  3. You know this all started with MightyGirl.com, right? You need to get yourself to Camp Mighty next year. Amber and I met at Mighty Summit (which is tiny and invite only) but Camp Mighty is going to be EPICCCCC.