On my mind this Monday night (but it feels/acts like a Sunday night):

  • I watched Heartburn on Netflix the other day. It is an iconic movie of my childhood. Not because my mother is anything like Norah Ephron (I plead the 5th) but because Mother Lovely, Olivia and I love it so much.
  • The book is exceptional too.
  • I should read that book.
  • I made two batches of brownies this weekend, an emergency trip to Rite Aid for walnuts, 3 pans of scrambled eggs and 2 trips to the grocery store.
  • I still managed to forget things. Like waffles, how could I forget the waffles?
  • Classes at NYU start tomorrow.
  • Go Violets! 
  • This is the third year I will not be starting classes.
  • Look at this photo of me when I was a tiny little chicken. That is Welcome Week Freshman year of college. Six years ago. SIX.

  • I am grumpy that I don't know where that wrap is now.
  • Of the 8 girls in that room I only still have relationships with 2. I suppose that's pretty good odds.
  • I am wearing an identical black v-neck tee shirt at this very moment. I guess the more things change, the more they remain the same?
I am off to the train to gather Olivia and Eric from their trip. Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! 

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