Lovelies, the other day was the famous School Picture Day. To be honest, picture day makes me nervous, even as a teacher. What do I wear?! What will look good in the yearbook?! What do I want my students remembering me wearing?! Anyway, after thinking for a long time the night before, I came up with a "school-ified" version of one of my favorite old Gap dresses. A black and white polka dotted dress with flutter sleeves. This dress has an insanely low neckline, so I simply wore it with a black tank top underneath. I paired the dress with black leather flats and fake pearl and bow earrings from Forever 21. What do you/did you wear to school picture day?!

Don't you love my pot rack in the background? Ikea, baby!

These are my "stop talking, the photo is being taken!!!" teacher poses. I just thought I'd share. (The teacher photo collage is inspired by And Kathleen.)

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