This weekend I...

...painted my nails Essie's Turquoise and Caicos. (Technically this was Thursday, but it still counts!)
...started and finished The Help (and loved it!) I had 8 hours at the vineyard with nothing to do but read!
...ate way too many sesame sticks from Trader Joes.
...watched Eric play guitar with Miller's Crossing at Palmer Vineyard.
...had a lady walk into the bathroom while I was occupying it. She was mortified. I laughed. At least it was a woman!
...wore my brown boots for the first time this season.
...caught up with my awesome aunt and uncle who came to the vineyard to hear their new nephew play.
...ate delicious peaches.
...sang really loud in the car (and Eric said I was actually on key!)
...didn't see my sister. She was too busy officiating a wedding!
...what did you do this weekend, beauts?

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